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At the age of 5 on Xmas day at the Gold Coast On holidays our eldest wanted to train! And whilst on a court training who showed up to train on the same courts? Sara/Bernard tomic! How many 5yr olds want to train on Xmas day? Our eldest daughter did.


My family has a dream of creating 2 of the greatest Female tennis players of all time! And through the tennis successes both girls will become 2 of the worlds greatest "Woman's Activists" and "Charity Foundation Creators" for females and children around the world who need a head start in life who don't have any hope!


At the age of 7 our eldest daughter has already been playing tennis for over 3 years and is currently playing 2-3 year age groups up in competition every weekend playing mostly boys and winning.


As seen on her recent interview (go to the media link to view) video at the age of 7 she has already attracted the attention of the world media (BBC Interview During the Australian Open 2016) How is this possible? Was she born this talented? Quite simply no, talent is made, not born! How you might ask? I have a small formula ~ environment x opportunity x repetition x hard work x lot of love = WCTP (World Class Tennis Player).  


How can I be so confident? Well I have over 20 years experience in sports development and coaching, and through this extensive knowledge I discovered the secret to success in sports and life!



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